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Yes to Myself

Yes to myself?? - How selfish can I be??

...While underneath,

there is that fear of being unloved, unaccepted, not approved...

Let's see:

~ When you DON'T say Yes to yourself:

- Please others

- Play by others rules

- Constantly frustrated, exhausted, drained

- Resentful, angry, closing up

- Feeling that you miss out of your own life

- Empty, disappointed, depressed


~ When you DO say Yes to yourself:

- Relaxed, free and happy

- Act naturally on your unique way

- Manifest your gifts in the world

- Fulfilled and energetic

- Live your life and destiny

And so nurtured and overflowing,

that you can easily, joyfully and generously:

✨ Share, support, nourish, contribute

✨ Connect deeply

✨ Communicate calmly and compassionately

✨ Create in harmony


Selfishness is a matter of perception...

Which side would you pick?



P. S

If you choose to say Yes, and need help with implementation -

check this 4 Steps To Self Love FREE guide 💗

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