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Step into Your Powers

Unlock your inner wisdom and treasures with a comprehensive self awareness, empowerment & actualization healing journey

Duration: 4 Months

Do you feel empty, stuck, confused, restless, lost, invisible, drained, underestimated, not understood...

Do you believe life can be much more than struggling and surviving?

Do you experience uncertainty, lack of confidence, fear of change, stress, anger, guilt, sadness...

Are you open to stepping into a meaningful, easy, rewarding, fulfilling way of existence?

Do you tend to over give, please, put others first, compromise, worry, doubt, overthink, blame...

Are you ready to face your very truth and meet your own spectacular self?



If you feel now is your time to:

> Understand yourself in depth
> Find the hidden unconscious mechanisms control your behavior, life and reality
> Connect with your real powers
> Strengthen your confidence and inner peace
> Develop your own best practices to deal with challenges and changes
> Discover your unique talents, gifts and skills
> Attract what you want into your life
> Understand your journey and destiny
> Live the life you really want to its fullest


Come up and

Step Into Your Powers



Step Into your Powers is a four months deep inner healing guided journey, designed to bring you into your confident, peaceful, omnipotent self, allowing you to shine your meaningful inimitable truth and strength.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime profound self-work, asking for your full engagement, honesty, surrender and openness.


Together, we will pave your way into your unconscious mind, to turn on the light, take care of and resolve the hidden root causes of your struggling, suffer, obstacles and blockages, and reveal and unchain your unique powers, gifts, talents, and abilities.

you are going to know yourself in a way you have never known before,

develop your own best practices to grow through challenges and changes,

understand your life journey and your destiny, 

and learn how to attract what you want into your life, fulfill your potential and live the life you really want - to its fullest.

How is it going to look like?

This journey is a mystery unfolds itself along the way, allowing us to create precise maps in order to discover the wounds and reveal the next steps toward balance, healing and actualization.

We will meet at my safe healing space to talk, paint, imagine, explore, play and engage a variety of cognitive and creative abilities to spread out and map the hidden complexes of the mind - and discover the precious powerful treasures protected and concealed by them.

A gentle and careful unravel and release will make space for new healthy perceptions and paths to be gained and built, inviting new understanding and relationships with your re-unified self - one harmonious physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.


Your own best long-lasting individual kit of tools, to help you to stay aligned and keep evolving and growing through your everyday life, will be developed as well.

What are we going to go through?

Our milestones are the following concepts, whose exploration will help us to decipher the clues, clarify the messages and proceed toward your lightness, contentment and freedom:


Successful relationships

Projection ~ Mirroring ~ Beliefs ~ Expectations ~ Patterns and mechanisms ~ Conditioning ~ Love ~ Compassion 


Reliable center

Peace of mind ~ Breath ~ Focus on your job ~ Totality ~ Nothing outside ~ Stay centered ~ Drop drama ~ Quiet witness ~ Here and now ~ Awakening and awareness ~ Being 


Survival ~ Amygdala ~ Trauma ~ Ego ~ Protection control and appearance ~ Scarcity ~ Self narrative ~ Anger ~ Blame

Struggle & challenge

Comfort zone ~ Fear ~ Guilt ~ Worry ~ Stress ~ Anxiety ~ Duality ~ Smooth flowing ~ Free movement

Inner compass

Inner freedom ~ Choice ~ Heart ~ Intuition ~ Emotions 


The journey of the soul ~ Karma ~ Injury ~ Repeated patterns ~ Healing ~ Destiny  



Freedom consciousness ~ Reality creation ~  Attraction ~ Confidence ~ Gratitude and appreciation ~ Trust ~ Faith

Speak up your voice

Self Worth ~ Comparison ~ True self ~ Gifts ~ Potential fulfillment ~ Self Assurance ~ Wholeness ~ Universal support


How often should we meet?

You will get the most out of this work if you allow two weekly sessions of 130min each, to begin with. After a while, we will gradually space the appointments out.

If a different frequency works better for you, we will just go with your availability.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

  • You are tired of struggling, suffering and finding yourself at the same starting point again and again

  • You are ready for a meaningful shift and open to explore new perspectives of your reality

  • You want to enjoy meaningful, fulfilling life, starting as soon as possible

  • You are willing and available to commit to a process

  • You understand that if you want to see different results, you first must change  something in the way things are done

  • You understand that if you don't take the steps now, things will repeat, or get worsen, while you have less and less energy to deal with them 

  • You understand that the darkness must be acknowledged and resolved in order for new dawn to rise, and light, lightness and freedom to shine

  • You are ready to be the divine masterpiece you were meant to be and step into your powers




Yep! you are going to enjoy 3 tremendous bonuses when joining the program:

Bonus #1:

Birth Date Tarot Reading ($400 Value)

Discover what you are based on

and how to best use your abilities to master your life and fulfill your destiny

Bonus #2:

4 months FREE membership at the Rise And Evolve Academy And Community (Reg. $360 monthly)

Surround yourself with inspiration, empowerment, practical tools, support and like minded company in a renewing warm and safe online space.


Bonus #3:

FREE admission to the online bi-weekly Masterclass + Q&A sessions (Reg. $30 per session)

Deepen your understanding and practice of inner freedom and reality creation

and meet new like-minded friends

So, are you ready to say goodbye

to your old patterns, fears, blockages?


Are you ready to become the master of your life?


It's possible. Let's make it happen

Step Into Your Powers Program

  • Four months of UNLIMITED daily sessions

  • Any new published materials (the program is being upgraded)


  • Birth Date Tarot Reading

  • 4 months FREE membership at the Rise And Evolve Academy And Community

  • FREE admission to the online bi-weekly Masterclass + Q&A sessions


Best time to join!

The program is currently being upgraded - in terms of online materials etc.

(as a part of it, you will have an access to any new released item)

You are now going to enjoy a totally crazy deal:


Get the entire program - four months of

unlimited daily sessions (Reg.: $400 each)

3 Special Bonuses


 $6800 only

Take it easy: Up to 3 equal monthly payments


If at the end you choose to keep going,

get every subsequent month for $1400 only

Make your first step into your new free reality

By booking your Welcome Session -

a full revelatory work session of 100min with me


For the special price of $210 (reg. $340)

If you decide to continue together and Step Into Your Powers,

this session will be included in the program





Already had your Welcome Session?

Book your first Step Into Your Powers session -

'Subsequent Session 130min'

Do you have any questions? Need more information?

I'm here for you, just

Contact me



Terms and conditions

  • Program is effective from the date of payment or of the first session - whichever is earlier

  • Program will expire on the same day of the month it started

  • Booking in advance (earlier than the weekend before the relevant week) is limited to 2 sessions a week (Sun-Sat)

  • One hold, one time only, for up to 14 days

  • Money back guarantee:

1. Prior to the first session: Full refund

2. After the first or the second session: full refund less the cost (single session fee) of the taken session/s.

  • No refund or adjustment will be made after the third session

  • No auto renewal

  • Non transferable

  • Welcome Session: Payment for this session will be done at the end of the session. If you decide to join the program, the paid amount will be deducted from the program's fee. This offer is valid for a week from your welcome session.  

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