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Zen Tarot Reading

Shed A Light of Clarity on Your Uncertainty

Duration: 130min (2Hr & 10min)



If you are:

  • Facing a challenge and seeking a good and accurate advice

  • Trying to plan your next steps and need more clarity

  • Knowing it's time to change or move on but not sure how, where and when

  • Standing at a crossroad and can't decide which way to go

If you need to make decisions for yourself or for your business, looking to see a full picture, to understand the options and the solutions -

Maybe it's time for a Zen Tarot reading.


What can a Zen Tarot reading do for you?

We constantly change, grow, evolve, and re-create our own reality through our choices and actions. Therefor, I find telling the future not only quite impossible, but also a limits-Imposing and compromising for the unconscious mind.

The ball is always in your court; Consulting the tarot will enable you to:

  • Gain a clear picture of the situation

  • Illuminate the options and the opportunities

  • Learn about the possible obstacles and how to avoid, or remove, them

  • Get a wise and accurate advice on the next steps toward the desired results







How does the Zen Tarot reading with me work?

The reading will start with you describing the situation. We will together define the dilemmas, and carefully break the story down into a few parts and angles.

from there, we will  create specific questions and plan a spread addresses each one of them.


Once pulling the cards and having a designed visible map, we will be able to discuss the suggested clarifications and directions.

More cards can always be pulled if more clarification is needed.

How to get the best results out of your reading?

Be prepared for some exploration. The quality of the reading depends on the quality of the questions, so we need to make sure the questions are precise and open.


Try to be as clear as possible to yourself about your inquiry. What is important for you to know? If you already have specific questions in your mind, you can make a list and bring it to your reading.

During our discussion, you might want to take notes for a later review. You may also want to take a picture of the spread at the end of the session.

Tarot reading methods

The ways to read the Tarot are as many as the readers themselves. Reading the Tarot is usually based on some traditions, and as can be seen in the many different Tarot decks  offered today, always involves a personal understanding, worldview and interpretation.

A minute of history


Tarot cards started as playing cards in the 15th century in Europe, and were used for future telling - Cartomancy - from the 16th century. The maybe most famous deck today, shown in the center of the above picture, was created and published in Britain in 1910. Its official name is "Rider-Waite Tarot Deck", and it has a story behind it, of course.

Price: $400

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