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Essential Qualities Reading

Discover Your Gifts ~ Connect With Your Powers

Duration: 3 sessions of 130min (2Hr & 10min) each


Essential qualities are our natural beautiful gifts - the talents, skills, abilities and traits we came into the world with.


This magnificent treasure of jewels and gems provides us with the best, most accurate tools and powers we need, to live our best self and fulfill our purpose and life destiny.


If you have ever felt there is a lot more to you, but have never been able to figure out exactly what - here is why:

This is the same set of tools that serves us along our entire life. Thus, our system used it at the beginning of our life as well, to adjust us to our surroundings -  family, society, culture and circumstances. Back then, almost any price would have been paid in exchange for the ability to develop, grow and thrive peacefully. The marvelous glow of our gifts might have faded and been extinguished following these compromises, repressions and restrictions.  

What are you going to get from the Essential Qualities Reading?

  • A deep understanding of your talents, skills, abilities, traits and motivations

  • The authentic lens you see and experience the world through

  • Your own best way to overcome challenges and obstacles in your life, and how to avoid creating more of them

  • Some huge hints about your life destiny and purpose

  • Answers to questions like:

    • What am I really about in this life?

    • What is the best, easiest and most natural way for me to fulfill myself?

    • How do I already use my gifts and how can I make the most of them?

    • What makes my powers to be misused, and how to bring things back to balance and fulfill my potential?


And much more.





Where did the Essential Qualities Reading come from?

The method was develop in Israel in 2006 by Shosh Menix, a highly experienced senior coacher, an holistic therapist and a certified aromatherapist and homeopath. Feeling she necessity to do a deeper emotional work with her coaching clients, something happened  and the modality was created - an integration of knowledge, understanding and intuition.    

What is the theory behind the Essential Qualities Reading?

In nature, every entity has a unique frequency it vibrates at. According to this method, the human frequency is an integration of eleven stand-alone frequencies, which blend in different proportions in each person to create the inimitable 'finger print' of one's true self.

When we live through our frequency, we enjoy life of fulfillment, satisfaction and ease. When we do not, we meet hardship, challenges, imbalance and a lack of harmony.

How does the Essential Qualities Reading work?

The Essential Quality Reading is made once in a lifetime. By following a few simple instructions beforehand, and performing a very short muscles response testing just prior to the reading, we will make sure your system is balanced and relaxed. If not, we will help it to calm down and rebalance in a few simple steps. 

11 blends of essential oils represent the 11 frequencies. The reading is done by using the sense of smell - a primeval deep and accurate sense, which is directly connected to our brain without meeting the rational mind on its way.

Why are two appointments needed?

After a short structured process of choosing your two main blends - the primary and the secondary frequencies, we will discuss the results and their implementation in details, so that you can understand and best use your gifts and powers.

You will find that the reading is giving you a plenty of practical information, that could not have been squeezed into one session.


On the second session, we will also talk about something that is called "An Emotional Code". This code is a part of the reading, which helps you to quickly evaluate situations in your life and make sure you are constantly involved and invested in what works best for you.

Is the Essential Qualities Reading safe?

The blends consist of high quality essential oils, and reading is exclusively done by smelling them.


However, if you have any sensitivities or allergies, you will be able to control the distance so you will not get triggered.

Who can benefit from the Essential Qualities Reading?

Almost everyone who is 14 years old or more (some exceptions can be done, however - no less then 8 years old) can find this reading an excellent resource for understanding and connecting to their individual powers, talents, skills, abilities, traits and motivations.

However, in some conditions the sense of smell is less reliable, and it is strongly recommended to wait for a later time, to get the best results out of the reading.


Some of these conditions could be:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding

  • Moon time

  • Epilepsy drug use

  • Chemotherapy or radiations

  • Most of acute sicknesses

  • Continuous recreational drug use

What happens if I do not like any of the blends, or do like all of them?

It can happen, and this will be a part of your reading. I any case, you are going to get the best results from your reading.

Price for package (3 sessions of 130min each): $960

Including: Frequencies reading, Emotional Code reading, handouts of the full descriptions of your frequencies.

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