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The Phoenix Business Mastersoul

Free your creative successful mind


Online bi-weekly mastersouls

Entrepreneurs ~ Business owners ~ Workplace leaders


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Entrepreneur, business owner, workplace leader


Do you feel and know that your enterprise could soar and shine

but something holds it from breaking through and rocking?


That fresh vision, great inspiration and focused action

could take it to its next level?


Show up for The Phoenix Business Mastersoul to:


~ Think and invent together

~ Free your successful mind

~ Discover and shed light on your blind spots

~ Get creative solutions and ideas



ONLINE (super easy Bluejeans)


Saturdays at 10AM | Every other week

First time: FREE

Regular: By joining The Phoenix Rising Community

($47 Monthly | First month only $7 | Cancel anytime)


Check for the next Mastersoul and RSVP to your free trial:

Includes regular notifications and updates


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