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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Glow Your Inner Vital Beauty

Duration: 12 sessions of 100min (1Hr & 40min) each


Does your face skin look dull and lifeless, too oily or not balanced?

Do you struggle face skin conditions?

Are you tired of new wrinkles, age spots, and promising solutions that only last for a short time?




Cosmetic Acupuncture, a natural face care and the "true anti-aging medicine", reveals the great secret passed down for centuries through generations of Chinese Emperors, aristocrats and the wealthy:


A beautiful, smooth face skin starts from an inner balance - the maintenance of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healthy harmony



beyond the genetic aspect, your skin condition is effected by many lifestyle factors,

like: diet, stress level, sleep, health issues and physical activity -

and reflects your general well-being.

A healthy, radiant skin starts from inside



If you are looking for a healthy and relaxing way to enjoy:

  • A softer, firmer skin

  • Skin condition improvement

  • More vibrant and glowing complexion

  • Possible elimination of fine wrinkles

  • Reduction and softening of the look of deeper wrinkles

  • Faded age spots

  • Jawline definition improvement

  • Smoother cheeks


make your way into the

Cosmetic Acupuncture Program

The Cosmetic Acupuncture Program incorporates everything you need to naturally achieve and maintain a glowing and healthy look - that lasts.

This 12 weeks program combines:

  • Chinese Medicine facial treatments (see details below)

  • Supportive holistic body treatments

  • Nutrition and lifestyle consultation

  • Stress reduction techniques, and

  • Self awareness work

to create an inner and outer balance and promote general health and well-being.


This program can be followed by any of the empowerment and actualization programs, to deepen the achieved inner harmony and better maintain the results. 

What benefits should be expected? 


Your skin and inner conditions are unique to you, and will influence the outcomes. However, in most cases you will be able to enjoy a significant improvement of the look, the feel and the health of your skin.

Because the work is holistic and involves more aspects of your life, you may also see an improvement in your sleep, digestion, physical issues and stress levels.


How do the physical treatments look like?

The pampering facial treatments are designed to promote local circulation, skin rejuvenation and general health.


They include a relaxing massage, a gentle non-bruising cupping technique and the insertion of extra-fine needles.


These local treatments are combined with a whole-body balancing work, to support the process, improve the outcomes and make the results sustainable.

How fast am I going to see results? 


In my experience, you may be able to enjoy a more glowing look right after your first appointment. Deeper and more significant changes will occur gradually, as we progress in the process. 

How often should we meet?


The best result will be achieved by allowing two weekly sessions to begin with. After a while, we will gradually space the appointments out.

If a different frequency works better for you, we will just go with your availability. You may still see some results if you wait longer between the session.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

  • You are looking for a natural, holistic skin care

  • You understand that face treatment alone will not give you the desired lasting results

  • You are willing and available to commit to a process and take an active part in it

  • You understand that if you want to see different outcomes, you first must change  something in the way things are done

  • You are open to a new way of thinking and open to discover yourself

How to maintain the results? 


The best way to maintain the results is to keep applying everything you have learned, and keep learning and growing every day. Inner clarity, lightness and vitality are shown out as a serene, bright, lightened face.

You might also want to come back from time to time for a maintenance session. A monthly visit is recommended, and at least one visit every three months.


Another option is to repeat the entire treatment of 10-12 sessions once a year. 



6 amazing bonuses are waiting to help you to shine your glorious light:

Bonus #1:

Full Body Lymphatic Drainage ($340 Value)

Clean and Detoxify 

A very relaxing lymphatic drainage

done by a combination of non- bruising cupping therapy and gentle reflexology

Bonus #2:

Happy Eating ($400 Value)

Make Your Eating Work For You

A full session of Chinese medicine based Nutrition Consultation:

Make the best out of your food and eating

Bonus #3:

20% discount on any additional single session during the program 

Enjoy it even more!

Bonus #4:

10% discount on your next program or reading

Keep discovering yourself, healing and growing with our wonderful journeys

* Valid for 3 months from the completion of this program


Bonus #5:

FREE admission to weekly group meetups (Reg. $30 per meetup)

Deepen your understanding of the theory and practice of inner freedom and reality creation

and meet new like-minded friends

Bonus #6:

10% discount on shop products

Enjoy high quality self maintenance products for less




are you ready to enjoy more graceful skin and life?

Are you ready to rejuvenate?


It's here and now

time to Balance and Glow
















Enjoy a special Price for a limited time!

12 weeks of regeneration

$3450 only

Start to shine your beauty now

Book a "Welcome Session" -

a full revelatory work session of 100min with me


For the special price of $210 (reg. $340)


If you decide to continue together and join the Cosmetic Acupuncture Program, this session will be included in the program






Do you have any questions? Need more information?

Contact me







Terms and conditions

  • Program is effective from the date of payment or of the first session - whichever is earlier

  • Program will expire on the same day of the month it started

  • No refund or adjustment will be made after the first session 

  • Non transferable

  • Welcome Session: Payment for this session will be done at the end of the session. If you decide to join the program, the paid amount will be deduced from the program's fee. This offer is valid for a week from your welcome session.  

Cosmetic Acupuncture Program

  • 12 Cosmetic Acupuncture sessions of 100min


  • Full body lymphatic drainage Full session

  • Happy Eating full session

  • 20% discount on any additional single session

  • 10% discount on shop products

  • FREE admission to weekly group meetups

  • 10% discount on your next program or reading

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