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Inbal Lichtbrown, R.TCMP


Hi, I'm Inbal,

it is so wonderful to meet you here.

Let me share some of my journey with you .

How did I start?

My emotional supporter career started at a very early age,

when I often found myself carefully and patiently

listening to my friends,

reflecting, offering different points of view,

and helping to locate the root causes of issues

for all kinds of teenage concerns.


Combined with my growing interest in the amazing power of self healing, natural health and cosmic energy,

I wasn't really surprised to find myself, a few years later,

attending a full time Traditional Medicine program

at Medi-Cin College of Complementary Medicine in Israel.   

I have been practicing holistic medicine since 2000,

through Traditional Chinese Medicine, reflexology, reiki,

and a variety of physical, emotional and energetic body-soul techniques.


During my Chinese medicine studies,

I had the privilege to first be exposed to the great wisdom of eastern philosophy and practice.

The idea of living in a peaceful harmony with ourselves and our surroundings,

and being one with nature and the universe,

has been deeply inspiring me every day, more and more.

Transformation and rebirth


In 2006 I started my fascinating voyage into the world of birth support, as a doula,

and later on as a childbirth educator,

using all my skills and techniques to prepare the parents-to-be and support them

during this significant, life-changing transition.

This was the beginning of the escorting of profound mental-emotional-spiritual transformative processes,

where together we dive into the deep dark unknown, turn on the light,

unite with the inner treasures, and back emerge in a triumphant rebirth.

Working with me

The great powers of our body and mind -

an amazing, complex, self organized system -

is an ever-enchanting world for me to explore and discover,

and to enhance my knowledge, education and therapeutic skills at.

Operating as a powerful, creative whole,

in order to restore, compensate and achieve

as much physical and mental balance as possible

as a survival mechanism,

our body-mind system very often uses restrictive methods

in order to keep us safe,

away from what it assesses as a potential danger or harm.

Honoring the astonishing ability of this great masterpiece

to constantly renew, heal, and adjust itself,

I see my role as a supporter, or a facilitator, of wellness and healing.


By working hand in hand with the current 'protectors' -

pains, stress, fears, illnesses, and many others -

and exploring their underlying root causes, beliefs and patterns,

we can gently and gratefully enable them to release,

promoting a natural process of recovering and curing. 


Is it time for you to make your life

what you always wanted it to be?


Contact me now


And start your marvelous rebirth

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