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Main Modalities

I love to learn and constantly acquire new knowledge, skills and concepts, which I smoothly integrate into my exist practice, gradually make it more powerful, effective and efficient.

The vast all-embracing ocean of the theory and systems of Chinese medicine, derived from the ancient wisdom of Taoism, is the basis of my conception and practice. It leads and inspires the way I perform the additional modalities, while still honouring their unique traditions, qualities and contributions. Many more methods and approaches dot my work and are interwoven in it, deepen and empower the therapeutic process.


The different modalities can be incorporated into the therapeutic session according to your preferences, needs and short term or long term goals.

Based on the philosophy of Taoism, this ancient medicine puts into practice ideas such as living in peaceful harmony with ourselves and our surroundings, and being one with nature and the universe. Chinese medicine methods and practices can help to balance the body and the spirit and re-align them with the entire existence.

Traditional Chinese Medicine  &





A manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, with emphasis on the channels and pressure points of Chinese medicine. It can help to reduce stress and pain, improve circulation and promote relaxation and health. Choose your

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The feet can be seen as a map of the body, its areas and points correspond to body parts, systems and organs. Application of pressure and gentle manipulations to the feet can help to improve

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Channeling universal vital energy through the practitioner, to waken and support the ability of the body to heal itself.

This is a fully clothed treatment, done by hovering the hands over the body or

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Qi Balabcing


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