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The Magic of Cards

I always knew I wanted to work with cards. Somehow it never happened. Until a friend took me to a magical stones shop. There, between the crystals and the salt lamps, I fell in love with my first tarot deck. My soul deck.

A vacation by the Red Sea, after a year of traveling. I'm trying to figure out what to study in university. A woman on the shore, her name is similar to mine, mysterious cards. She told me many things, I forgot all of them. Two weeks later, totally unexpectedly, I'm taking notes at the first lesson of a four years Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture program.

Only a few months later, her voice came back to me: "you need to do a precise work, something with sharps. A surgeon, maybe?"

It was enough for me to understand the power of both cards and a good reader.

I love working with the cards. They are so understanding, compassionate, and have an excellent sense of humor. And when I say "cards", I don't mean only Tarot - although most of my decks are of Tarot cards. It could be any kind. They can have words on them, pictures, aphorisms - anything that can show the way and bring clarity.

Using the cards for self growth and awareness

You don't always need a professional reader to use your cards. You can actually enjoy their wisdom on a daily basis, to expand your awareness, your decision making and your growth.

For example, here is how I do that:

I pull three cards for myself every morning:

The first one is Tarot, to show the general energy of the day.

The second one, from any deck, recommends the practical step to take to best enjoy the full potential of that energy.

The third card, one of the 81 chapters of the Tao Te Ching - written around 500 BCE by the founder of Taoism Lao Tzu - gives me a zen guidance for the day.

During my day, the cards come into my mind from time to time and help me to focus, understand, realize, align.

On the next morning, I write down my insights from the last day, and pull three fresh new cards.

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