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Revolving Doors

"I'm scared to leave him now", she is telling me, "because... I can't see him falling back into the darkness he just came out of."

Tell me about that, I'm thinking.

Tell me about staying with someone and not moving forward just for the fear he'll fall if I leave.

Holding his hand for years and years, just to make sure he keeps going.

Inhale, exhale.

Breath by breath.

And what if.

And what if...

What if by staying there we prevent the other person too from taking their own path, making their own decisions, not wanting to hurt us.

What if we hold both of us back from having a second chance.

And ignore and betray our own soul, own destiny, own growth and happiness and fulfillment.

Withholding ourselves from shining our unique inimitable light.

And what if they are fine... stronger and more resilient then we thought.

And what if although staying there, they fall anyway.

And we anyway cannot help it, cannot live other's life for them, cannot walk their journey.

What if.

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