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What Is My Life Destiny?

A life destiny, or life purpose, is often seen as related to career.

Personally, I prefer the wider approach which identifies destiny as the learning our soul came into this world to do, so its karma - past actions that keep effecting the future until balanced - can be fixed and healed.

The best accurate tools were given to us in order to fulfill this very specific mission. Once we start to figure out what this mission exactly is, we can reach the full potential of these tools and gifts, and experience life of ease, happiness and satisfaction.

The same set of tools serves us along our entire life. We start our life in a survival mode, and there is where we first meet this special kit - our talents, skills, abilities and traits. During early childhood and through many different experiences, we adjust ourselves, using the same tools, to our surroundings - family, society, culture and circumstances. All that our system aspires at that time is to grow, develop and thrive peacefully, and it is willing to do almost every effort and compromise to make it happen.

The experiences are not accidental. We tend to label them as "good" or "bad", while actually, each of them is simply a lesson designed and attracted by our soul and karma, to be learned - in order to repair the injury and heal. In some cases, others around us will help us to learn the lesson and grow spiritually. Otherwise, we will probably meet the same lesson again later.

Designed and attracted by the same source, our life experiences carry repeated patterns. A careful review of our joyful, unpleasant, successful and unsuccessful situations, can give us more then a clue about the injury, the gifts and the way to heal. Applying the insights in a healthy, constructive way, will help to cure the initial wound, heal our reality and grow into our shiny blissful self.

We all came here carrying a wound. We are all here to heal, so our soul can peacefully and harmoniously radiant and glow, bestow us with the sweet feelings of deep happiness, calmness and fulfillment.

Any way that works for us to best use our marvelous gifts, will help to alleviate the karmic injury and bring our soul closer to the completion of its learning. A job, a hobby, social activism, parenthood - as long as we can be the most creative, loving, passionate, generous, express our highest truth and live our self to its fullest.

Like to try it yourself? here is where you can start:

  1. Look carefully at your life. Can you notice any repeated patterns? the feeling that you go through the same experience over and over in different ages, locations, settings?

  2. Examine your successes and blissful situations: what worked for you again and again? How did you make things happen so perfectly? - Here you can see some of your tools and gifts.

  3. Look into unpleasant experiences in your life: is there any pattern? Look at your own behavior, at others, at the situation and the story. Try to find a common thread. - This might be a part of the injury.

  4. Take a look at what you found out, the gifts and the pains. Take the time to allow things to come up, to show connections, oppositions, similarities.

Keep paying attention and more things will present themselves.

Start following your findings, use your strengths more, and see what happens.

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