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Glowy face in 4 Minutes

Cupping therapy is one of the greatest magics of traditional medicine. The suction action promotes circulation, activates the immune system, encourages regeneration of cells and much more.

For this super quick daily face care ritual, which will send you into your new day with a fresh and glowy skin look, you need two silicon cups - a small body cup, and a large face cup. They look like this:

If you only have face cups, use the big one for everything.

I do this ritual every morning in the shower, as the cups glide nicely on a very wet face. If you prefer to do it somewhere else, you can simply use any face oil.

This ritual includes two types of techniques:

  1. Suction/Release: squeeze the cup, place on skin, release to create vacuum, remove cup.

  2. Gliding: Squeeze cup, place on skin, release to create vacuum, slide the cup on the skin.

Follow the numbers and arrows on next chart;

  • X means using the Suction/Release technique. It's very important NOT to glide on the neck.

  • A long line means Gliding.

Face Cupping Chart
  1. Start with step 1: lymphatic drainage towards armpit lymph nodes. Use the small body cup. Repeat step A - Suction /Release under the collar bone - 3 times, then repeat step B - 3 tracks of Suction/Release down the neck - 3 times.

  2. Follow steps 2-9: Use the large face cup. You can skip steps 4,8,9, or use a small face cup to perform them.

  3. Add the steps 10 + B (only the middle track) + A in this order, after steps 3, 5, 7 and 9, to complete the drainage action.

  4. repeat all of the above on the other side.

After a few days of practicing, the process will be easy and fast. Enjoy your shiny day!

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