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Essential Qualities Reading

Discover Your Gifts ~ Connect With Your Powers

An eye opening self manual: My own experience with "The Human Frequency Code"

Last year, I planned my trip to Israel. Just before I made the decision to go, on my virtual travels, I came across a piece of information - the direct translation from Hebrew is "the human frequency code" - that ignited my curiosity.

I usually don't pay much attention to personality tests. There are so many of them, and I prefer to adhere to my excellent diagnostic tools of Chinese medicine and reflexology. But something captivated me. And I knew I was going to come back from my trip with a new amazing modality.

A few weeks later, when the reading was done for me, I was shocked. I didn't expect this level of accuracy, including a precise description of my behavior and feelings when I'm not aligned with my true self - meaning, all my life (-:

Excited, I managed to try the new toy on whoever was around and had two available hours. The results were, again and again, astonishing.

What was so unique about the Essential Qualities Reading?

This comprehensive reading is very detailed. It roughly divided into 3:

  1. General information about my individual frequencies

  2. How it looks like when I'm balanced

  3. How it looks like when I'm not balanced

The way my core talents, skills, abilities, traits and motivations were organized into this bright, clear story, was incredibly eye opening, as if I was born with a self manual. Some unfamiliar flattering details caused me to be sorry for never possessing them; Then, they immediately appeared in the most resonating way on the imbalanced side, whispering me: "keep working on that, and it's yours".

And so I did. The text includes suggestions for a self work and a specific guided meditation to help to achieve balance. Another nice component is the 'Personal Emotional Code', which helps to identify the situations that work best for me.

I go through my reading every once in a while, to assess - and be pleased with! - my progression and new colors, and get some guidance and ideas for my next self actualization steps. I have a much better understanding of how all my gifts and traits work together, my main "themes" of life and how to best manifest myself, which makes the journey more fun and a lot easier.

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