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The Heart of Cupping: Cupping & Guasha Hands-on Workshop for Practitioners and Aestheticians

Updated: Feb 9, 2018

Sunday Mar 25, 2015 ~ 10am-4pm

Transformation Point ~ 30 Gloucester Street, Toronto

Therapists * RMT’s * Energy Workers * Aestheticians

Why participate in this workshop?

  • INTRO to a whole-body approach that combines silicone massage cups, guasha tools & traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

  • Elevate cupping treatment outcomes with a multi-faceted approach, examining the effects of ENERGY from a Chinese medicine point of view.

  • Integrate innovative massage cupping techniques into existing protocols, easily and cost-effectively.

  • Pamper your clients with proven methods that help Relax-Rejuvenate-Restore while promoting healing and wellness. Improve lymph drainage & fascial release.

  • Gain an understanding of how emotions affect common wellness issues and how they can create physical imbalance, disease, and illness.

  • Learn how to implement this knowledge into your current practice and routines.


NEW learning opportunities await!

  • Learn about channels (meridians) and their physical, emotional and energetic functions in cupping.

  • Improve the client experience, discover NEW cupping treatment offerings - secure client/patient loyalty.

  • Dispel myths about cupping. Learn self-treatment techniques. No Bruising. Review clinical case studies. Learn contra-indications, safety cautions, side effects & equipment maintenance.

  • Receive clear massage cupping explanations and instructions for taking home.

Hands-on workshop with the opportunity to discuss & practice techniques learned. Small and intimate learning environment.

Your Investment in you* $350 (Early Bird $295 by March15, 2018)

Includes tools valued @ $160 (Listed below) - Lure Essentials™ Massage Cups Included in Fees:

BLISS™: Face & Body Massage Kit (3 body cups, 4 face cups, exfoliating brush) 

ENERGY: 10 Super Charged Ionic Cups For Trigger Points

GUASHA: Jade / Rose Quartz stones (1 facial, 1 face/neck)

CEU course certificate credit.

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For more information please contact me.


Inbal Lichtbrown, R.TCMP

Founder and operator of Transformation Point - a space for healing, recovery, renewal, and growth in downtown Toronto, I have been practicing and teaching holistic medicine since 2000, including traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology, reiki, therapeutic bodywork and a variety of physical, emotional and energetic modalities. My work focuses on the mental-emotional aspects of physical and circumstantial life challenges, helping people to reconnect with their most inner selves, find their own strength, guidance, and peace, get back onto their healing path and experience life of happiness, freedom, and fulfillment. 

Based on the ancient philosophy of Taoism, Chinese medicine puts into practice all of the above, promoting physical, emotional and spiritual alignment. Integrating both cognitive and bodywork modalities in my work, I find cupping and guasha, two traditional practices not only in China but in many cultures, wonderful ways to support this multi-level healing process, as well as encourage the entire system to restore balance, rejuvenate and achieve a sense of peaceful harmony.

Upcoming workshops:

Head, neck & face: TMJ, headaches, migraine, facial nerves' issues

Chest, back & arms: respiratory system, acid reflux, upper limbs mobility

Abdomen: distention, accumulations, digestion

Lower abdomen & lower back: lower back pain, bowel movement, fluid retention, PMS, feminine issues

Legs & feet: circulation, hips & knees, muscles cramps

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