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The Art Of Melting Down

As a master of our life,

we speak a lot about living in high vibrational modes, like –

Positivity, calmness, presence, gratitude, focus, light, creativity.

But as such,

and as long as we are on our healing path here on earth - all the way to the full enlightenment,

there is another essential art to master:

The art of melting down.

Establishing a stable, reliable inner core

We can now start to put things together.

Remember how we sometimes talk about increasing the light?

And also about parenting our inner child?

to how to stay in the light, we will come back in a minute.

All of this can be combined into a powerful way to make things flow,

and keep our mental and emotional state balanced, free and sane.

What for?

So that, with practice, they will integrate into a stable, reliable, calm inner core.

That allows clarity and fulfilling communication, creativity, contentment and manifestation.

But to reach all of that, a constant motion must be enabled and maintained.

Flowing with the cycle

What is this motion?

Here, this is the wheel of life.

(You may have met it before, looking something like this:

But if we think about this, in nature, no transition is that sharp, total and abrupt, right?)

The wheel keeps rotating endlessly, never rests.

We will probably speak more about its meaning on one of the next emails,

but for now, what do you think:

Where is its best spot to sit at?

Many times the instinctive answer is: In the light.

But we already know that clinging to a certain edge is tricky…

One moment you’re up - happy and proud,

and the next – down… miserable and shameful.

So, how about the center?

Where everything is always stable and balanced, we are not blown with every wind,

and can just deal with anything that life presents to us.

This is enlightenment. full consciousness.

In the meantime, while we practice, we still go up and down.

The key, like always, is awareness.

And it means that a part of keeping up with the high vibrations,

is to fully accept and flow through the lowest ones.

So it’s again all about us:

Would we join the motion, or resist it?

How can a meltdown be welcomed?

If we go back to staying in the light, one of the ways is:

Shake out unnecessary stress chemicals.

This is the nature of the emotional flow… it includes all the colors, the bright and the dark.

Even if we don't realize.

And sometimes, we just lose it.

Because honestly, how long can we hold positive and hopeful,

unless we repress our worry, desperate sides??

We must let ourselves melt down from time to time,

to keep the healthy flow.

I know, it considered weak.

And it's against our conditioning and self pride.

Then, again, we need to make a choice here:

Who is holding the reins now?

Is it me taking responsibility for my life and health -

or do I invite the protective, careful ego to keep running an unconscious show?

And it takes us back to being the parents of our inner child.

And how many children do you know who never ever in their life had a meltdown?

It happens when we feel so out of control, over stimulated and emotionally overwhelmed,

just like in childhood,

that we don’t even know anymore what we want.

It can come with a temper tantrum – before or after -

an intense wave of anger, frustration, anxiety, even excitement -

or just as is, from nowhere.

Your awake meltdown

Today, as an independent grown up, you’re both the parent and the child.

We saw many things at home,

some of us were just ordered to stop it and relax,

and now we have a second chance to heal that experience,

to softly care for our child and let them grow healthy and free,

knowing they are loved and safe unconditionally as they are.

And in a meltdown, all we need to do

is to be there for our child, for ourselves:

  1. Acknowledge.

  2. Accept that this is where you are at right now.

  3. Let go everything, and sink into a gentle understanding, and a very attentive, compassionate inner communication.

  4. Don't go to the fridge.

  5. If you somehow do find yourself in the kitchen, acknowledge again and talk yourself out of there.

  6. Take water and tissue with you and find a cozy spot where you feel hugged and comforted.

  7. Connect deeper, meet the fear and the pain - the worst case, or just mention every pain you know - loneliness, emptiness, loss, sadness... And let them be and let yourself just be them. [I’ll show you exactly what I mean on one of the next emails, and for now you can just sit with your deep feelings, and go back to email 4 to see more there].

  8. Ask yourself carefully and lovingly what you want to do now. You can make suggestions - do I want to watch something, to play music, to just lie down here and reflect or relax or get numb.

  9. Cry.

  10. Hug yourself, or 'bring someone' to hug you, or both.

  11. Let yourself be in any way you need. Here are some:

  • Pity yourself and blame everything and everyone and ask all the "why's" you can find

  • Let your frustration out and scream into a pillow or go back to that no. 4 and let it out

  • Journal

Until you touch the bottom.

Or maybe it's just dissipated.

And let the natural tide carry you into the next thing.

Just break down... we need it.

And be there for yourself.

This is a challenging and triggering time,

and one of the learnings is to fall apart,

die and rebirth,

and empathetically be there for you when it happens.

This is a very moment to moment time,

So just live, love and grow through every beat of it.

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