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4 Stages Of The Self Revelation Spiral

How frustrating it is,

when you work on something and think you figured it out –

and a while after, the same issue shows up again

as if you’ve never looked into it and dissolved it?And same when it comes to inner blockages and obstacles

You think they’re gone, and suddenly –

they hold you back again… are you with me in that <<First Name>>?

Actually, it never happens.

I mean, we THINK that this is what’s happening,

but you can’t put your finger in the same river twice –

no matter what, the next time it shows up – YOU are different;

More experienced, some wiser, never the same as a second ago.

And actually -

self development, or self revelation –

as all you do is shedding clouds,

and reconnecting and re-shining your natural original light –

this authenticity uncovering, is spiral:

You’ll meet things as if over and over -

but truly, from different angles.

And will unravel them more and more in every encounter,

as you grow, evolve and expand.

This spiral has its characteristic

4 stages of revolution pattern,

while different issues can be on different areas and stages: