The Missing Piece of Vision Board

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

"A vision board, or a dream board", explains Wikipedia, "is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of one's dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, and to use the law of attraction to attain goals".

Vision board is meant to focus your brain on what you really want, and use visualization to create the right vibration to attract your desires into your life.

This by itself is a huge mind shift. To give your dreams space, tangibility and ground, create hope and excitement around their achievement, work toward such a rewarding goal and see it coming closer and closer - what could be more motivating and pleasurable than that?

And what can be more despairing then seeing your dreams come closer and closer, almost there, almost... and never reach actualization.

Or become true - only to evaporate shortly after, as if they were just a dream.

Staying on the safe side

Our default operating system was developed through years of experiences, understandings, causes and reasons, which created the code - beliefs and conditioning. Its commander is our reliable, protective, non-creative Ego, responsible for our survival.

Physiologically, we are in the realm of the cerebral limbic system.

This system follows a simple leading principle: Avoid pain and danger.

It's composed of complicated mental mechanisms create patterns, and implemented deep in the unconscious part of the mind, to guarantee an immediate strong reaction to threat - which can be anything from a real danger to a change in the routine.

Uncontrolled reactions, anxieties, frustration, annoyance, the feeling of being stuck, limited, running on an hamster wheel and many more - are all implications of this style of operation.

The Comfort Zone and the quest for the missing piece

The operating system of the Ego is where our comfort zone is harboured - made of, balanced by and aligned with all its powerful components.

The comfort zone is the designed safe zone; Based on the specific personal program, the strong protective system makes sure we won't get too far from its defended domain, and if we did - to be pulled back to a more familiar ground.

No special tactic is needed. As it naturally vibrates its unique combination of vibrations, and follows the same low of attraction - our reality is created around us in accordance.

And this track keeps you so far away from your full magnificent potential waiting for you, yearning for reunion, in your true natural infinite operating system - the Soul.

So, what about the vision board?

In visualization, you focus your mind on vibrating the highest and most attractive vibrations of the described complex - the most positive, energetic, hopeful and lighted - for longer time then usual.

Doing that, your feelings and actions follow, making the manifestation of dreams fall within this range of vibrations easy and possible.

You can now imagine what happens to dreams vibrate out of this range, right? They will by attracted to a certain degree, not attracted at all, or fully attracted without the ability to hold and preserve them.

...And the good news:

Like always: It's changeable, it's in your hands - and it's possible.

Tapping into the software, changing the code by dissolving limiting beliefs, re-embracing emotions and letting the original divine program take over again, makes you limitless and your life experience effortless and rewarding, full of possibilities, manifestations, fulfillment and joy.

It's your time now to quit living in the past, controlled and operated by a system was created to assure your survival as dependent, vulnerable, innocent being.

To free yourselves to be you, just as you really are: skillful, shiny, great, unique, the real masters of your life.

Your time to make your reality exactly what you want it to be, where your vision board is made of all your dreams that came true.











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