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About Action and Creation

We know what we want, we are sure we want it. We are sending our precise request to the universe, full of genuine intention. We are letting go, waiting patiently for the best results - - - nothing happens. What have we missed??

It is possible to attract what we desire into our lives, if we keep in mind that "attract" is a verb - as the whole business of a 3D existence is - actions.

The action shows our faith, and initiates the process.

To clarify this point, here is a beautiful story about intention, faith and action:

A shaman promises to bring rain to the village, but has two requirements:

1. everybody must attend the rainmaking ceremony

2. everyone must believe with all their hearts that the ceremony will succeed.

How does he know who believes?

The answer is: those who brought an umbrella with them.

Keep dry and happy!

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