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The Phoenix Rising Membership Community

A Membership Community And Inspiring Home For Self Healing And Growth


Online community, sessions and resources


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Have communication, motivation, sleep, finance, relationships,

become more challenging, stressful, exhausting recently?


Could you use inspiring stability and practical grounding tools

to better deal with life and with the constant change?


 A safe place to be empowered, surrounded by alike soulful company, 

to practice and implement

sustainable relaxation, easy flow, confidence, contentment?



If it's time for you 

to ground, balance, focus,

clear your life,

find and connect to your authentic way 

and fulfill your dreams


Welcome home


~ Online live sessions and workshops ~

~ Empowering spiritual resources ~

~ Mindful practical tools ~

~ Continuous support ~

~ And more... ~


Launch special: Try your first month for $7 only

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