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The Phoenix Rising Membership Academy And Community

A Membership Community And Inspiring Home For Self Healing And Growth


Practice and evolve with guidance and support

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Do you feel that communication, motivation, sleep, finance, relationships,

have become more challenging, stressful and exhausting recently?


Are you tired of trying everything

and still finding yourself in the same devastating place over and over?

Could you use proven self work processes and practical profound tools

to better deal with life and its constant change?

 What if you had a safe space

to be unconditionally embraced and empowered at,

surrounded by like minded soulful companions,

to practice and implement

sustainable inner peace, self confidence,

free choice, precise manifestations?



Welcome home


Ground, balance, focus

Align your emotions and energy

Find and connect to your authentic way

Clear your life

Fulfill your dreams



~ Live guidance, support and practice ~

~ Online sessions and workshops ~

~ Empowering spiritual resources ~

~ Mindful practical tools ~

~ Special members only fees ~

~ Bonuses and treats ~


Launch special:

Enjoy 80% off on your first month

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