Calm, Clear & Connected - All COVID-19 Special Offers

May-June 2020

(Might be extended – in accordance with the happenings)

In order to meet your unique needs and goals, the sessions are individualized and can incorporate a variety of emotional, mental and energetic therapeutic modalities.



Please read before booking:

1. Set up your user:

Unless you already have it set up, you'll be prompted to create your own Patient Portal account on the online booking system (SmartND) while booking.

It will allow you to easily view your information, submit forms, communicate with the clinic and book your next visits.

2. Fill me in:

In order to get much more out of the session, I'll ask you to provide some background context.

If we have already worked together before, you'll only be directed to fill out a short questionnaire. The link would be found on the confirmation email.

If this is our first time working together, You may also be asked to fill out an intake form and sign the consents. Everything will be waiting for you on your new Patient Portal account.

3. Safe & convenient communication:

All the session are held on Skype / phone. We can also communicate through text messages, email and WhatsApp.

4. Easy transaction:

Payment can be done using e-transfer, PayPal, or simply a real time credit card details transaction.



Clarity Call 


Only need a short tune up?

A phone conversation to let you calm down, turn on the light and get back on track


20min | Once a day | Up to twice a week | Free

Tarot Guidance + Clarity Call 


Feel that you need a bit more direction?

A Tarot cards reading followed by a phone conversation, to give you a better picture, brighter focus and a clear next step.


How does it work?

  1. Book your session

  2. Send me the question (text, Whatsapp, email...)

  3. Receive a few minutes video clip containing your answer - Watch the cards while listening to my explanations.

  4. On the phone call we can explore and elaborate


Here you can read more about a Tarot reading with me and How to ask a question


Tarot reading video + 20min Phone conversation | Up to twice a week | $25

Ground and Rebalance Focused Session *


Looking for a deeper examination and insights?

A Skype session to cleanse and free up your mind into peace, certainty, and flow

60min | Once a day | Up to twice a week | $55

* Is this our first work session together? -

Please book the Welcome Session (100min), for the same price ($55).


Leader of My Life - Make Covid-19 Your Pivotal Time

A 10 weeks deep self work program


  • Reveal patterns, dissolve blockages

  • Gain deep self understanding, alignment, certainty and confidence

  • Unlock your inner wisdom, treasures and powers 

  • Shift into your best version path


Check it here Leader of My Life

Full Single Sessions at 20% Off 

Prefer to stay longer?

Sessions of all lengths are always available


70min (1hr 10min)

100min (1hr 40min)

130min (2hrs 10min)

$112 (reg. $140)

$152 (reg. $190)

$184 (reg. $230)


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More cozy ways      to keep the spark on


Indulge and Spread the Light - A win-win-win referral program


Gift yourself and your loved ones

with both clarity and 20% discount on any single session



Connect, share and get inspired

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Online group meetings, classes and workshops

To keep us all on the bright side of the mind 

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By booking your visit with Transformation Point you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy











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